Endorsements from Satisfied Clients →


“Thank you. Without you, Geedra would be nothing more than a video and a slide deck instead of a game changer. This is awesome!”

/ Rob Matthewson, CEO, Geedra /


"Saqib is not only very knowledgeable in various business models, but he is also a smart entrepreneur that can create anything from nothing. He has helped me learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and assisted me in getting my startup off the ground. I could not have done it without his help. What he calls “startup with soul” I call it a “mentor with mastery and soul.” If you are having problems with your business or want to start a new one, I strongly recommend working with him."

/ Rosemeri Reinehr, co-Founder, MamaSola.ORG /


“Saqib is one of the most honest people I have ever done business with. He has become a great friend and I would recommend him to anyone.”

/ Jesse Molnick, CEO, Sage Homes Northwest /


“Saqib is a no-nonsense business strategist with a focus on, but not limited too, technology products and services. He has a remarkable ability to see beyond what's at the surface and drill down to the core of an issue any company, manager, or individual may be having as it relates to finding the balance between happiness and success that we are all chasing. I recommend Saqib as a resource for anyone struggling with a business-related decision and looking for honest, meaningful strategic advice about what direction to take.”

/ Scott Weiss, President, MaKena Partners /


“Saqib is not only a pleasure to work with at a business level, he is also exactly the guy you want to roll your sleeves up within the execution of your vision. He brings it all to the table - deep subject matter expertise, broad strategic thinking and wickedly efficient execution. I know exactly who I want to call with my start-up idea, software design or other technology related projects - Saqib is the go-to guy.”

/ Chris Almida, CEO, ARK Crystal /


“I was a bit nervous about embarking on such a big and ambitious project, but I shouldn’t have been. Conceivian had every base covered from start to finish. And from our side, it was surprisingly easy and quite a lot of fun.”

/ Kevin Hall, CEO, Snackdish /


“Saqib is a visionary in the truest sense. He's a well-rounded business professional who puts quality and innovation before everything else.” 

/ Nauman Qureshi, Co-Founder, Ropazi /


“Saqib carries about him a magnetic quality that is rare to find. He is a consummate professional, able to quickly break down and articulate complex business problems and transform them into real solutions with mutual benefits. Saqib is a champion strategist with good instincts and a solid track record. I am a supporter of his work and trust him completely.”

/ Micheal Stein, Serial Entrepreneur /


“Conceivian has proven to be the perfect partner… Teamwork between Jobfully and Conceivian has been seamless. They offer a depth of knowledge, breadth of services and commitment to excellence that is unmatched. I am happy to recommend Conceivian without reservation.”

/  Mei Lu, CEO, Jobfully  /


“I’ve been in business for decades and I have to say, choosing Saqib and Conceivian was one of the best business decisions I’ve made.”

/ Jeff Farrel, COO, OurTownZip /


“Saqib is an amazing person, a natural leader, and industry innovator. I highly recommend working with him and being a part of what he is up to.”

/ Jon Ramer, Founder, Compassion Games International /


“Saqib is one of the most intelligent, people-oriented individuals I have ever worked with. He puts his whole heart and energy into whatever he is involved in. Saqib is a born businessman and leader.“

/ Patience Marian, Social Entrepreneur /