How can entrepreneurs learn from deep wisdom and build Startups with Soul?

I help engineers, innovators, and investors build game-changing startups.


At Uwajimaya Bookstore in Seattle Chinatown

Entrepreneurs are the new leaders of the 21st century.

Startup founders—present and future—have a critical role to play in building the better worlds that we as the human race need right now. Our world is amidst a serious change of magnitude never seen before. All of this change is bringing new satisfactions and new breakdowns.

A breakthrough is born in the lap of a breakdown that is often invisible to the most. The very best at forging new visionary companies are those who identify these breakdowns and bring forth solutions that change cultural habits of some people, forever.

But precious few walks into their start-up prepared to deal with the challenges of the job. Instead, there is often a steep learning curve at a relentless pace—making it challenging for founders to make a serious breakthrough with their work and succeed. So at least 9 out of ten startups fail.

To succeed, you need a no-holds-barred, in-the-trenches experienced advisor at your side. You’ll greatly benefit by working with someone who not only helps you “see” the vision and deal with day-to-day challenges but also keeps you connected to your most profound sense of mission and purpose.