Let’s build better worlds together.

Imagine running a wildly successful startup without the deadly mistakes of most founders!


I help engineers, innovators, and investors build game-changing startups.

I am looking for entrepreneurs, who want to build better worlds—and willing to have a deeply strategic, tactical and transformative advisor beside them—helping avoid the deadly mistakes that kill most startups.

Drawing on my vast experience in building startups for over a decade, and watching the numerous successes and failures of others and my own, I have learned that there are 3 essential things that founders need to do well for a startup to become a business. These are 1) Initial Design of Business 2) Experiment for Product and Market Fit 3) Seek Ongoing Mentoring and Support. With these insights, I have put together the following offers for entrepreneurs.


Founders Start Here


Technical and Marketing Services


Community Forums


Note: To keep the founder’s cash investment low, I ask for 5% ownership in the startups I work with. This way, we share the risks and the rewards of the adventure. Equity sharing does not apply to the community forums (Startup Forum & SYE).


Customized Partnerships, Investments, & Consulting

In rare cases I co-found startups with others where we have a deep alignment of values, aims, and skills. Read more here: Partnerships & Investment.
I am also open to customized consulting arrangements.