Let’s build better worlds together.

Imagine running a wildly successful startup without the deadly mistakes of most founders!


I help engineers, innovators, and investors build game-changing startups.

I am looking for entrepreneurs, who want to build better worlds—and are willing to have a deeply strategic, tactical and transformative advisor beside them—helping avoid the deadly mistakes that kill most startups.

Drawing on my vast experience in building startups for over a decade, and watching the numerous successes and failures of others and my own, I have learned that to succeed any founder must perform three tasks very well. These are 1) The Initial Design of Business 2) Experimentation for Product Market Fit 3) Seeking Ongoing Mentoring and Support. With these insights, I have put together the following offers for entrepreneurs.


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MVP Development

Need to launch your startup idea asap and on a budget? I offer to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for your startup idea in 30 days so you can test the market without spending millions and waiting for months and years to find out whether the demand exists.

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Customized Partnerships, Investments, & Consulting

In rare cases I co-found startups with others where we have a deep alignment of values, aims, and skills. Read more here: Partnerships & Investment. I am also open to customized consulting arrangements.