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My dream is to build better worlds via entrepreneurship and startups. I work with entrepreneurs helping them develop a higher level of skills for identifying opportunities and building new businesses. I love innovators! People with the entrepreneurial streak envision their problems as opportunities and have a sense of urgency to do something about it. Those are my people.

I love fighting alongside an underdog. 


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'87. Born to an electrical engineer and a bureaucrat, self-taught computer technology and participated in robotics competitions starting at the age of 14.  

'90. Started a banner printing business for political candidates at the age of 18 with my father.

'94. Studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Minnesota State U. Interned for IBM in Rochester, Minnesota.

'98. Graduated with CompSci degree and joined Microsoft. Designed and managed major software products at Microsoft for 7+ years in engineering and management roles.

'06. Left Microsoft to build Metafos with Dr. James D. McManis and Nick Brown, as a secure decentralized payment system company. Acquired by series B investors. 

'10. Founded Conceivian, a first of its kind startup lab in Seattle. Built 15+ startups. Paused in 2012 for further research.

'13. Joined Chinese IT giant, Beyondsoft, and expanded market on the West Coast to $43 million and growing.

'14. Completed a 2-year intensive course, Dwelling, with Dr. Fernando Flores. Studied Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Ontological Mentoring, Philosophy, and Design.

'15. Started Harvester Academy with Chauncey Bell to help business consultants in building noteworthy careers. 

'17. Launched with Pat Larsen, Drew Nordstrom, and Bryan Starbuck, as a tax prep platform for Cryptocurrency Investors. 

‘18. Built and launched MamaSola with Rose Reinehr (a network for single mothers) and Lencoi with Victoria Ruelas (a sustainable fashion market).

‘19. Re-launched Conceivian to help entrepreneurs build critical skills for success with startups. Providing strategic and tactical support to current and aspiring startup founders.


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