GROW—Let's Aim for the Stars

GROW—Let's Aim for the Stars

2,500.00 every month

The GROW program is designed to provide ongoing support to startups and rising leaders.

I will help you on each step of the path to design and build your product, hire the right team, establish accountability structures, track progress, deal with major breakdowns, prepare to raise money, and strike major deals. I will also help you with million other details as your build and launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). At each meeting bring me your most pressing issues and we will deal with them together.

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Innovate or Die

A frighteningly large number of startups fail. And we accept it as common sense. Common sense is a coffin. Such large number of startups need not fail.

There is no end to the difficulties entrepreneurs. Unable to raise funds, working from old maps; lost, inability to sell, and failure to delight customers are just to name a few. The funded startup often fail to launch an A-grade product, and run out of funding before a serious entry into the market.

Throughout my career, I have overseen the development of dozens of projects at major enterprises and startups. Building a great product is not merely a matter of hiring a smart developer who would write out all the code. Product development is a cross-disciplinary game. During this phase of your startup, I will help you articulate your vision and staying on track. I will show you a remarkably effective operating system for taking action, dealing with breakdowns powerfully and inventing new possibilities and new futures in any situation. If you need an engineering team, my team can help.

A dynamic startup is very hard to kill. Let us build a dynamic startup together.

Here are the logistical details:

  1. We will meet once a week by Zoom or in-person at my office.

  2. You will have unlimited access to me by email.

  3. I am available by phone or text for urgencies and key meeting as needed and as appropriate.

  4. You will have full access to my network and resources.

The GROW program is a month-to-month commitment. You can cancel it at any time.