JUMP—48 hours Time Capsule

JUMP—48 hours Time Capsule


A transformative custom designed workshop for your situation—where I will spend two (2) intensive days of a weekend together with you and your team, from 8 am - 10 pm working rigorously to deal with your most difficult roadblocks at hand.

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I will also spend one (1) prep-day with the founder before the workshop. I will help set up and run the triage process for tracking and coordinating action. You and your team members will learn a whole new way of working and learning—drinking from the proverbial fire-hose—working on your most difficult challenge. Within two days I am committed that a new clearing will appear about your business open a new future for you. You and your team will learn a new way of working, resolving roadblocks, innovating in a heartbeat, producing major results, and being deeply satisfied with work.

  • I will travel to your site at any location in the world at my own expense.

  • You and your team will be responsible for arranging the space, and food for participants during the bootcamp.

  • All IP generated during the bootcamp belongs to you and your team.

  • Upto 8 people in the program. Some of the people could be managing other teams for execution during the 48-hours sprint.