Partnerships & Investments

In certain cases, I offer a fully customized 1:1 co-founding partnership, in which we mutually invest time, money, network, and other resources; experiment and learn together, and create social and economic wealth by building a successful startup from the ground up.

This kind of engagement is free of cost to start. If we determine that we are the right people to work with each other, we will develop an economic model for our work together in conversations.

Saqib is not only very knowledgeable in various business models, but he is also a smart entrepreneur that can create anything from nothing. He has helped me learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and assisted me in getting my startup off the ground. I could not have done it without his help. What he calls ‘Startup with Soul’ I call it a ‘Mentor with Mastery & Soul.’ If you are having problems with your business or want to start a new one, I strongly recommend working with him.
— Rosemeri Reinehr, Co-founder & Executive Director, MamaSola