LEAD - 1:1 CEO Support

LEAD - 1:1 CEO Support

5,000.00 every month

There is no end to the complex array of strategic and tactical tasks and stresses that a leader of an emerging enterprise has to deal with. The LEAD program is designed to provide ongoing mentoring, advisory, and support to the rising leaders of new enterprises.

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There is no end to the complex array of strategic and tactical tasks and stresses that a leader of an emerging enterprise has to deal with. In this program, I will help you at each step of the way in designing and building your business, hiring the right team, establishing accountability structures, tracking progress, pivoting on your vision when required, and dealing with major breakdowns.

I will also help you with a million other details as you build and launch your product, and make deals with strategic partners and investors.

When needed, I will help you articulate your vision and get ready for presentations. I will also share with you some interesting tools like the Language-Action perspective, which I have found very useful in building startups. To help you further develop your leadership and entrepreneurial capacities, I will recommend studying and listening to certain materials and recordings. From time to time, I will invite you to join in conversations with other entrepreneurs and investors from my network. You are welcome to do as much or as little as your schedule permits.

In our conversations, I will help you breakdown the mental models that hinder growth and recognize the blind spots that get in your way to success. You will experience reduced stress, increased productivity, improved clarity and focus, and superior results.

Here are the logistical details:

  1. We will start with a 2-3 hours deep-dive conversation to get to know each other and explore your current concerns, ambitions, and roadblocks.

  2. From there, we will meet weekly for 1+ hour, by Zoom or at a location convenient to both of us.

  3. You will have unlimited access to me by email. I promise to respond as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours.

  4. I am available to you by phone or text for urgencies and key meetings, as appropriate.

  5. You will have full access to my network and resources. I will introduce you to investors, advisors, and experts for helping to deal with various situations as they arise in the course of building a new business.

  6. Optionally, you can bring other members of the team to our meetings as you see fit.

The LEAD program is a month-to-month commitment. You can cancel at any time. No long term commitment required.


5% Equity Share

I ask for a mix of cash and equity for compensation. The equity goes to a pool that is also shared with my team. I have done my best to keep both the cash and the equity part of the compensation as low as possible. I want to help bootstrapped founders. The cash part is specific to each offer. For the equity part, I ask for 5% equity (or revenue share in some instances) in the startup I work with. This way, you and I share the risks and the rewards of the adventure. So, by purchasing this service, you agree to share 5% equity with Conceivian and commit to working with me in good faith to later discuss and sign the proper legal documents to this effect. 

If you have already shared 5% ownership as part of one service agreement, you will not share more equity for additional services.

For example,  you may participate in the CONCEIVE - 90-day Startup Design program, and at the end, raise funding and start a new company, and share 5% fully vested equity with me. Later you may join the 1:1 CEO Coaching program. For this, you would pay $5000 per month and won’t be asked to share further equity.