CONCEIVE — 90-Day Intensive

CONCEIVE — 90-Day Intensive


What if you could design a breakthrough startup idea by studying the market from a radically new perspective?

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CONCEIVE is a 90-Day intensive program designed to help you prepare for the game of building a successful enterprise.

During this program, you will study and observe a specific domain from a perspective radically different from the ones taught in most MBA schools.

A game-changing breakthrough is born in the lap of a serious societal breakdown that is often invisible to the most. I will help you open a new kind of sense for perceiving major breakdowns and identify hidden opportunities for building a game-changing enterprise.

In this program, I will help you see these openings and develop an initial business model for your startup.

Together we will bring into existence a brilliant flash of genius, an idea, a fulgor, and a real possibility of building a better world with your innovation.

We will start with a 1-day orientation (in-person or by zoom) where we will learn about each other and together set the direction of the CONCEIVE program for you. We will meet weekly by Zoom or in person for 1 hour. At the end of every month, we will have a half day conference to review and adjust direction.


What does it take to succeed?

CONCEIVE is a rigorous program with a rich curriculum and milestones. Starting with the seeds of your passions and ideas, and customized to your own natural skills and experiences, you will learn to observe, assess, criticize, and test serious business opportunities.

Anticipate reading, writing, listening, observational, and conversational exercises.

You will spend roughly 5-10 hours per week (60-120 hours total) on conversations and homework during this program.

The success of our investment depends on the work you do here. I expect you to take it seriously. By design, CONCEIVE is a dynamic program. I will observe your progress and customize the program trajectory as appropriate.


Promises and Deliverables

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • A breakthrough startup idea.

  • A roadmap for testing the market for validation.

  • Learned critical skills in observing, diagnosing, and mapping opportunities for building game-changing startups.

  • A clear picture of what you will be doing for the next 3-5 years with your entrepreneurial career. You will have a direction for your startup.

  • A business model and an articulated value proposition ready to present to seed stage investors.

  • A roadmap for the development of leadership and communication skills needed for building a successful startup.

  • Any other outcomes we will agree upon at the beginning of the program, customized to your abilities and situation.



As a bonus, I will introduce you to an Action Coordination framework (pioneered by Fernando Flores, Terry Winograd, Chauncey Bell, and their colleagues) for observing and taking action, and becoming super-effective with producing results and handling breakdowns that occur daily while running startups. Your success ultimately depends on dealing with these breakdowns effectively.



This program is available as in-person, remote (by Zoom), or mixed-mode collaboration. You can come to visit me in Seattle at any time.


A Note

You will be responsible for purchasing your own books and materials required during the course. We will determine those after our first meeting and as we go along. If after the first meeting, either one of us determines that this is not the right program for you at this time, I will refund your fee in full immediately.