Saqibism: Poems & Quotes
By Saqib Rasool
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So, you want to do a startup, be an artist, start a movement, change things?
Very well.
Know this, you will be the master of your destiny.
You will grow beyond you can imagine.
You will love your life and won’t have another way.
You will not be a slave.
But things will not go like you planned.
You will know pain like you have never before.
Your worst nightmare will come true.
You go against the grain and the usual and the normal.
No one will appreciate anything you have done.
You will be alone.
But there is a success, progress, and an evolution.
To succeed, you must find a heart and learn to experiment.
Learn from each attempt.
Value failure more than success.
Success gets you drunk and mindless.
Failure teaches you what does not work.
So, you can find what works and make life better.
You will succeed.
It’s a hard line to walk.

Actually, there is no line.
— Saqib

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Innovate or Die

You are big and strong and mean.
You work hard and you are dedicated.
You have been around a long time.
But you see an Armageddon coming.
You see the sky turning dark.
It is time to grow wings and fly.
It is time to — innovate or die.
— Saqib
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An entrepreneurial mind wants possibilities and openings; an employee mind certainty and guarantees. It’s a matter of choice.
— Saqib
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Quit negotiating others’ legends and unfold your own.
— Saqib
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For an entrepreneur, the program of building a powerful enterprise must begin with a program of building a powerful self.
— Saqib
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You Are the World

The world has been kind.
The world has been lame.
The world is divine.
The world is profane.
The world is a cold reality.
The world is a hot illusion.
The world is straight up.
The world is a freaking confusion.
The world is a game.
The world is not to blame.
The world is a mirror.
And the mirror has your name.
— Saqib
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