Inventing Taglines

 Before I explain I have to tell you my story. After high school, I left Pakistan and moved to the US. My visa was sponsored by a minister in the government—a friend of my father—with a mission for me to come to the US—learn about technology and bring it back to Pakistan. Growing up, I wanted to do nothing more than to "fix" Pakistan. I was given a rare chance. 

I took the visa and came to the US, pursued computer science education, worked for Microsoft for over 7 years, and really made myself a good life. I was very good at my job and Americans were happy to give me citizenship. But something was not enough, and I was dissatisfied. Although the minister was long gone, and my promise was long forgotten, something bothered me. 

Also, living and observing life in the US, and having traveled extensively abroad, I realized that issues that plagued Pakistan also affected everywhere else. 

In 2006 I left a comfortable job at Microsoft to fight the evil of fraudulent chargebacks by credit card companies that have bankrupted millions of small businesses worldwide. I built a startup (Metafos), exited, and ventured deep into the entrepreneurial world. In the process, I saw failures and successes and learned from both. 

Over time I realized that I alone cannot change the world. I asked myself—What if I had partners that shared the same mission as me to build startups and take on some of the most difficult issues and truly innovate and change the game—build better worlds. 

Today, I help engineers, innovators, and investors build game-changing startups. I look for entrepreneurs, aspiring and current, who want to build better worlds—and willing to have a deeply strategic, tactical and transformative advisor besides them—helping avoid the deadly mistakes that kill most start-ups.

I offer a fully customized 1:1 relationship and programs to select entrepreneurs in which we learn together, and create social and economic wealth by building a successful startup from the ground up. My offer is free of cost to start. If we determine that we are the right people to work with each other, we develop an economic model for our partnership in conversations. 

I currently have interesting entrepreneurs-in-residence so to speak—people with a commitment to changing the future of education to building AI for healthcare. 

So here is my dilemma—what is a better tagline for my startup studio Conceivian 

  1. Building Better Worlds or

  2. Building Startups w/ Soul 

I personally think of this exercise like building new worlds to satisfy our most urgent concerns. My friend and advisor Rochelle Moulton says this exercise is like building startups with soul. At first, I liked it but then I realized that for my specific work, I have learned from certain mentors and cultivated a specific kind of language, which helps me see breakdowns and opportunities more clearly and take action effectively. With "building startups with soul" I will have to develop some kind of thesis about what I mean by soul. I wonder if it offends or pleases certain sensibilities. 

What is your tagline and why?

Saqib Rasool